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Glen Meadows Auto Service
2631 - 37th Street SW
Calgary, AB T3E 3B2

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They could have been more on time with calling me.
Always has been good service with the future in mind
Pricey but good!!!!
Service went well. I should have asked more questions about quoting and labour costs though because the final price was significantly higher than expected, so just ask.
Was generally happy with the service. Not impressed recently when quoted over $1600 to replace front rotors, brake pads, and calipers when the rotors had been replaced twice within a year already along with the brake pads. Don't understand why I have to change the same parts for a third time in a year after they had been worked on by the same people already.
I was quoted 3700.00 to fix a broken tire assembly after an accident. After taking it for a second opinion they rejected 80 percent of the recommended changes and changed out an 82 dollar part and fixed my truck. These guys are scammers and cannot be trusted.
I found the manager and front desk staff to be unhelpful and extremely rude.
I had to source my own parts and tell the mechanic what needed to be done and they didn't even finish the job. I was also overcharged for this. :(
Brought vehicle in for an oil change and indicated I would like the brakes to be looked at. Oil change was fine, no problems there but the shop said that my brakes were in need of change for the price of 1700, I had a broken sway bar which was a matter of road safety that needs to be fixed (they said "it was broken in half"), my serpentine belt was in need of replacement due to cracks, and the battery needs to be replaced. The total for all work would be 2700. I thought the price was astronomical, didn't approve work, and took it to a friends place that had tools and space.The brakes were completely fine, in fact had roughly 80,000km's left, rotors were a bit rusty but that's not a reason to replace. The sway bar was not broken. The serpentine belt had no damage. The battery had a bit of corrosion and failed a load test which I knew so I understood this complaint and did it myself. In all, I didn't need to do any work, just wire brush the corrosion off and tighten a post. Quoted 2700. Dishonest, won't return.
Customer service was friendly however they tried to charge me 2600 to fix my broken down vehicle, took it to another Mechanic and got all the same things fixed for 1400
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2631 - 37th Street SW
Calgary, AB T3E 3B2
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